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Stephen Woodcock - Distilleries Manager - Bunnahabhain Production Tour Fèis Ìle Day 2017 - Friday 2nd June, 2017


New for 2017, our Distilleries Manager, Stephen Woodcock joins his Bunnahabhain team at Fèis Ìle for the first time. Stephen is ‘charged’ with the responsibility for our whisky making across our three distilleries and works closely with Andrew at Bunnahabhain to ensure our production methods are what they should be to ensure the highest quality spirit is being distilled.

Stephen has extensive experience in the whisky industry, working across many distilleries producing different styles of malt whiskies. Looking to know the difference between a ‘cloudy’ or ‘clear’ wort? Do you know a ‘Lauter-tun’ from a ‘rake-tun’? Why you would choose a long fermentation over a short fermentation? Do Bunnahabhain stills have an ‘after cooler’ or ‘purifier’, do we have a ‘worm tub’ or a ‘shell and tube condenser’?

To the answers of all of the above with a bit of Ayrshire charm thrown in, this Fèis Ìle session will ‘distil’ everything perfectly for you! A relaxed, intriguing & in-depth 60 minutes with a couple Bunnahabhain drams as well!


Friday 2nd June 2017 - 2 sessions

11.00am & 2.00pm

Stephen Woodcock, Distilleries Manager

Whiskies: 2 drams of Stephen's choice.

£35.00 per person

Duration 1 hour

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